Hello, this is the site of David Moore. I work at WBUR.

I’m a web developer who focuses mainly on PHP and Drupal, and who cringes at terms like ‘10x’ and ‘full-stack’. (I relate much more to the curious programmer.) That being said, I think I have an appreciably broad skill set. I’m conversant on the front-end. I have a decent amount of ops experience. But I’m most comfortable coding on the back-end.

I was lead architect on a Drupal-based platform used by ~130 public radio stations. I’ve worked on a number of large and complicated websites. I’ve been involved in a number of open-source projects, particularly the Drupal project.

I’ll forever be passionate about clean code and, these days, I’m particularly interested in forward-thinking content strategy. I love mentoring, code reviews, and public speaking.

For side projects, I like to fiddle with APIs (e.g., MBTA, Trello, Public Media Platform, Pinboard) and generally scratch open-source itches.

In my free time, I like to dabble with almost anything, and have fun. I built a Red Sox twitter bot. I manage a tumblr of sports oddities (heavy on football trick plays). I am currently building a rewards-based flashcard system to help my daughter learn her numbers and letters. Need a lightweight OPML reader?

Looking for a good Brexit playlist?

You can find me on: