Hello, this is the "Drupal resume" of David Moore. My current position is Senior Web Applications Developer in the digital services division of NPR.

Conferences and Talks

Public Media Platform

Still with NPR, I spent 2014 focusing on the Public Media Platform (PMP). Highlights include:

  • Built a suite of modules that integrates Drupal with the PMP API: push, pull, permissions, groups, query tools, etc.
  • Worked in conjunction with other representatives from PRX, PRI, APM, and PBS to build best practices for the API.
  • Helped test and debug the PMP API.

Core Publisher

Since May 2010, as a member of NPR Digital Services, I have been a developer on the Core Publisher project, NPR's Drupal 7-based turn-key web platform for public radio stations. I've worked on nearly every aspect of the project. Highlights include:

  • Built a "homepage layout manager", essentially a GUI on top of Drupal's block administration page (see demo:
  • Integrated Core Publisher with DoubleClick for Publishers
  • Created a single sign-on system, allowing a given NPR staff to log into multiple stations sites as the same user
  • Integrated Core Publisher with Google Search Appliance (GSA) and the GSA API
  • Created various DevOps scripts: custom drush commands, migrations, deploy scripts, etc.
  • Led the charge to attack (and prevent further) technical debt in the codebase
  • Moved entire codebase from SVN to git
  • Wrote a "blame module", to help track administrative miscues
  • Wrote the publicly available NPR module --
  • Acted as liaison between developers and the Ops team
  • Integrated Core Publisher and Varnish
  • Wrote a module that put a GUI on top of Drupal's syslog logging
  • Worked on custom Google Analytics integration
  • Helped build OMNI - a Drupal site that allowed NPR client services staff to create and monitor Core Publisher sites
  • Wrote an automated migration script that moved all station legacy content to Core Publisher
  • Mentored junior developers, as well as devs that were new to Drupal
  • Pushed for adherence to the Drupal coding standard, best practices, etc.


I've written more than 10 Drupal themes. I've also written nearly 30+ modules, some of which I was able to contribute back to the community. I have also contributed a number of core commits.