David Moore

Full-stack, multi-platform developer and manager with a passion for digital news, emerging tech, and the future of radio. 10+ years in public media (NPR, WBUR). Previously: Engineering Manager at Acast; Head of Project CITRUS.


Engineering Manager

  • Ran three different software teams — Direct Listener Support, Audience Growth, and Distribution.
  • Helped launch Acast+, a paid podcast subscription tool.
  • Worked on the tech that provided Amazon Music with ad-free podcasts.
  • Helped overhaul the engineer hiring process; took part in several dozen interviews.
  • Built a number of internal tools to increase developer productivity.
  • Rolled up sleeves to fix back-end of startup acquisition.
June 2021 - January 2024

Lead Developer, Emerging Technologies

  • Led a team of three as Project CITRUS — an attempt to improve the quality, quantity, and accessibility of WBUR’s on-demand news segments.
  • Built a number of Amazon Alexa skills. Launched — and acted as executive producer, engineer and emergency host for — a pair of daily news microcasts.
  • Wrote and co-wrote a dozen articles about the fate of radio in the digital age.
  • Built an audio news recommendation bot.
July 2019 - June 2021

Lead Developer

  • Built several production RESTful APIs (Laravel).
  • Created an MVP service that streams on-demand WBUR audio.
  • Organized, ran and MC'd a two-day conference of public media developers, designers, and project managers.
  • Created suite of tools for web producers (Laravel + Vue + Materialize), enabling them to: curate landing pages; search through all WBUR audio; manage playlists; administer app data; and browse the API.
September 2015 - July 2019

Senior Manager of API Development

  • Undertook comprehensive inventory and analysis of every API being used at NPR.
  • Co-wrote paper and presentation outlining the future of APIs at NPR.
  • Created decks of how to convert the Public Media Platform (PMP) into version 2.0 of the NPR content API.
April 2015 - August 2015

Lead Developer

  • Lead developer for a turn-key web platform (Core Publisher) that is used by 130+ public radio stations.
  • Built a suite of modules that integrate Drupal with the Public Media Platform (PMP) API.
  • Wrote and maintained the NPR Drupal modules.
  • Acted as architect/gatekeeper: directing the overall structure of the Core Publisher codebase; making module choices; teaching (and enforcing) coding standards and conventions.
  • Mentored junior Drupal developers, as well as developers that were new to Drupal.
May 2010 - April 2015

Web Developer

Education Development Center
  • Re-designed and re-architected the EDC site.
  • Wrote over a dozen Drupal modules and 5+ themes.
  • Acted as advisor and developer on several sub-sites.
  • Spearheaded nascent social media efforts. Gave numerous web development/Drupal lectures.
March 2005 - May 2010

Internet Campaign Organizer

Oxfam America
  • Helped raise over $20 million online.
  • Created and maintained online activist campaign and fundraising pages using GetActive (now Convio/Blackbaud).
  • Managed and expanded database of 125,000 e-supporters.
  • Co-led inter-agency e-advocacy team in establishing long-term goals and strategies.
July 2002 - March 2005


Crooked Number Consulting
2005 - 2012


  • Server-side: PHP, Node, ASP
  • Scripting: Python, Perl, Bash, Dart
  • Client-side: HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Angular, Backbone, Vue, React
  • Back-end: Apache, Nginx, Varnish
  • AWS: EC2, Lambda, API Gateway, Polly, Transcribe, S3, DynamoDB
  • Database: MySQL, MSSQL, SQLite, DynamoDB
  • Voice: Amazon Skill Development
  • Mobile apps: Flutter, React/Vue Native
  • CMS: Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla
  • Frameworks: Laravel, Lumen, Django, Flask
  • Search: Algolia, Google CSE, Google Search Appliance
  • Testing: PHPUnit, Behat


For side projects, I like to fiddle with APIs (e.g., MBTA, Trello, Public Media Platform, Pinboard) and generally scratch open-source itches.

In my free time, I like to dabble with almost anything, and have fun. I built a Red Sox twitter bot. I manage a tumblr of sports oddities (heavy on football trick plays). I built a rewards-based flashcard system to help my daughter learn her numbers and letters. Need a lightweight OPML reader? Looking for a good Brexit playlist? Or a Taylor Swift lyrics trivia game?